The CLK Goes Roll Racing

I finally got to try my hand at this whole “Roll Racing” thing at the NWN Motorsports event in Bremerton, Washington. It took me three tries to get the starting procedure figured out (how to deal with the transmission being in the right gear at the start), but after that it was pretty cool. I drove the car 350 miles round trip and made 6 passes without issue. The fuel pump worked flawlessly the whole time, so hopefully the troubles I had on Raceweek are behind me. I even got to enjoy the air conditioning on the way home!

I only had three clean passes. The first one was against a 900 hp Corvette Z06 that walked me pretty decently, then a 600 hp BMW M3 that was very close (until the end), and then I walked all over a N/A LS swapped 72 Camaro. The only video I got was from the driver of the M3 (video credit needed!)

Overall it was a pretty cool event and I was happy to get some successful road miles on the CLK without having to pull over every 10 miles. Thanks to fellow Mercedes enthusiasts Alex Gaston and Jason Byrd for the hospitality!