All Moved In

No, I’m not dead! And no, the CLK isn’t running yet, but it will be soon! I was at the tail end of a loooong engine rebuild when my wife and I decided to pack up and move 3000 miles to the other coast. We are now settled in to the new place and the CLK is already getting some attention from me. The new garage is like a surgical suite compared to the 100 year old shack I had in Portland.

I am now in the Raleigh area of North Carolina (Wake Forest, to be exact), and I guess I should start calling this site TarheelBenz, but nah, I’ll stick with StumptownBenz.

Stay tuned here, on Facebook, and on the StumptownBenz YouTube channel for updates as I finish the wiring and get this thing fired up soon!

2 thoughts on “All Moved In

  1. Glad to see you’re back at it Joe! Good luck, you and your wife are going to love the East Coast, looking forward to the updates

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