CLK Phase I Wrap-Up

Phase I (Baseline testing) of the CLK build has been completed ahead of schedule. Yay!  This is good because driving a mid-13 second “race car” is a little tedious when your daily driver is a low-11 second beast.  I’m ready to get on to bigger and better things, but first let’s see how the baseline testing went.

I came up a fair bit short of my goal of running a 13.20 at full-weight, only managing a best of 13.58.  A 13.20 might be possible on a really cold day, on a nearly empty fuel tank, and with the spare tire and passenger seat removed, but I haven’t got time for that!  I’m ready to call this phase done and get on to the weight reduction.

Cost Breakdown

So far the only money I’ve spent on the car was to purchase it, have it shipped to me, and then fix anything needed for safe road-going driveability.  As you can see from the chart below, I’m all-in at just over $3k.

Item Description Total Cost Notes
The Car $1,550.00
Loose Change -$1.87 Loose change found in the car. Cha-Ching!
Katana Wheels -$160.00 Sold the wheels that came with the car
Wheel Bolts $94.99 B-S17A26R14 (qty. 10), B-S17A42R14 (qty. 10)
Battery $175.39 Got 10% off for ordering online and picking up at the store, plus $10 rebate
Front LCA Bushings $255.79
Rear Main Seal $29.99
Rear Engine Plate $35.19
Transmission Service Kit $143.99
Transmission Pilot Bushing $11.99
Shipping $9.99
Flexplate Bolts $22.00 004-990-32-12
Sealant $25.00 003-989-98-20-10
Camber Bolt Kit $45.98 All 4 bolts needed for both front LCAs. Required with Powerflex bushings.
Spark Plugs $86.72 SKU: 9652
Plug Wires $161.28 Bosch 09850 Premium Spark Plug Wire Set
Motor Mounts $139.98 SKU: 2607601 (Qty: 2)
Engine Ground Strap $17.00 210-540-05-31
Transmission Mount $27.99 SKU: 3387501
Oil Filler Cap $2.24 SKU: 1110180302A
Oil $90.98 SKU: B75511 Bizol 0W40 Protect (5L x 2)
Oil Filter $8.95 SKU: HU7185X Mann
Fender $215.00 Used driver’s side fender
Engine Air Filters $18.77 Mann-Filter C 34 104 Air Filter
Breather Hose $15.00 112-018-04-82
Ambient Air Temp Sensor $16.98 Febi 0005428418
Radio $113.19 JVC KDX255BT and associated components
Total Cost of Phase I: $3,152.51

Performance Analysis

All of the runs so far have been with absolutely no performance mods or weight reduction.  I fill the tank all the way to Full on my way to the track every time, and I haven’t even taken the spare tire out of the car yet.  As it sits, it’s basically a 13.75 @ 102 mph car, with slight variations due to weather and driving style experimentation.  Not too bad for a $3k, 220k mile Beater ‘Benz if you ask me.


Lessons Learned and What’s Next

The best 60′ times have come from stalling it as high as the brakes can hold at the tree, then stomping the gas at the “go” light.  If I punch it off idle it’s dog-slow off the line. I think this car is going to respond well to a higher stall converter and a set of gears, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself!  Phase II is weight reduction, and I can already tell you it’s going to make a dramatic difference.  Stay tuned for more updates as the car starts to shed some weight.

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  1. Joe, nice write up man and no that was a nice investment and pleasure adder for ya. Cant wait to see more on this build.

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