RMRW 2021 – Day 3 Recap

Day 3 was a race day at Pueblo Motorsports Park in Pueblo, Colorado. We started the day off by getting my new-to-me-again Hoosiers mounted on my road wheels. Thanks to Steve’s Tire World for getting to us first thing in the morning with no wait.

With the Hoosiers mounted, we headed over to the track so we could get setup and sit in the shade for a while before racing began. I made my first pass early in the day just to see how the car would react to the heat and altitude. With a DA of 8250 ft. I managed to run 11.057 @ 123 mph. I knew the car would give us our ten-second pass if we just waited for a while, so that’s exactly what we did.

After watching Corey and Jason scramble to put a nitrous kit on the Chevelle (so it would build boost at this altitude), I decided to give the engine bay a quick once-over and check the oil. Good thing I did, because I discovered that the blower belt had been shredded during the last run. Robert and I quickly put on the spare belt and I headed over to the staging lanes.

My second run was the pass I was looking for: 10.97 @ 123 mph. And I got to run next to Derek Bieri of Vice Grip Garage, who was driving Motion Racework’s “El Toro” Mustang.

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